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The names Patrick I was Born and Raised in Boston, MA (Jamaica Plain) I’ve created this page for whom those pieces can relate too. I write from personal experiences, floetry related pieces you can vybe to. I write because its one of those few things to keep me centered and sometimes its a therapy , though you don’t hear many say that. I hope you enjoy my patience and if something calls out to you or relates to you in anyways feel free and comment.

I’ve came up with the name creative patience because of how patient I am with creativity. When your patient it comes out better with clarity and you’ll get the results you were looking for.

I’ve started writing around high school it was one of my hobbies and the rest is history. Though I have to practice more on different styles and have to see if I can write a haiku too amongst other styles I have to work on. (Still honing my skills).

Show love, support give feedback hope you enjoying them. I’ll respond back to any questions comments and opinions.

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A Passive lesson

I’m passive aggressive, not considered as aggressive,
softness lies offensive thin lines across my message,
stressed life learned lessons ,
Solidified myself within constant tension,
Actions signified as relentless in others eyes counter action is defensive,
How do I stand and create an answer that can help them come to their senses,
To seem that I care about myself and that I’m selfless,
Maybe I spend too much time balancing out my relations and friendship that I created some fences,
That I needed a me time to breathe and face what I am sensing,
The decisions I’m facing is of my own transgressions,
Not every excuse has to be a facade with a muse too dense to know what’s mentioned,
That every action has a reason and every reason has a lesson,
As I consume these fumes and enlightened myself in another demension,
That a fragrance can’t hide the lineage of visions in this session,
How can I be fooled and ruled by someone elses insecured un answered questions?
Forgetting to trust that gut feeling that instinct to ignore what that stench is,
To hold my breath for 3 secs and proceed to walk through these trenches,
The decisions I face today is the experience without the pension,
I don’t live in the past its the past within my blessing,
How can I be true to you when being true to me isn’t yet invented,
That it takes a lifetime to really love and that we could be good friends and,
A phoenix thats still burning within the ash who hasn’t fully resurrected,
That my guide in life was me and I wasn’t properly directed,
Naive and blind looking at the good instead of what hooked the neglected,
The bad motives of the new are the same victims that are comsumed then ejected,
Into void or cycle and the injuries can’t be disectted,
Its bother some knowing the type of soul you are and question if you’re properly respected,
Circumstances, valid lessons to unanswered thoughts to mad impressions,
Unless I’m intentive and that every sin given there would be a slight incentive,
If I found more ways to analyze and focus and be selfish when I add defenses,
I would be strong the way ought to be and have a stronghold of my friendships,
How many times I have to be hit on my head to nail in a lesson,
How to overcome trouble moment and ease up feeling tension,
I have to ease up and know its ok to lower my defenses,
How attention and affection ease hearts and gains recollection,
Theres some value that gives strength while I reflect through this session,
That my validity of decisions had me seek elsewhere instead of the advice I’ve mentioned,
The more I reflect sometimes the more I’m on the offensive,
When my flaws are called at times, the aggressive the defenses,
To witness to experience is knowledge with a silent confession,
So when my knees drop and beat drops I clasp my hands and acknowledge the beautiful friendship.

A transit Mishap with a twist

Miss with the defect to give respect,

We’re on the train side by side while I give no actions for you to deflect,

Its hard to digest while you’re showing no in-ter-est,

So how do confess to you, you’re a gift from God and that you are blessed,

It took a mishap for you to show your crest,

A mishap perhaps persuaded you to confess a bad taste off your chest,

An action turned my way in 3 secs for a convo that lasted 4 stops while that mishap was her regret,

We proceeded up the elevator for another reset,

that neglect of a conversation on the train created a opportune time to plan words said that wasn’t a defect,

A angel that got her feet wet, That bind the time to exchange a time for mine to beat a tune in our hearts where they weren’t in synced yet,

Guided the way where solitude wasn’t subdued, though her screwed up reject that left her behind had to reflect,

That Gods demised both to our surprise added a moment to us that was speechless,

Wishing her a safe trip as she applies her eyes at mine while she plugs her media to thank me for a moment that was descent.

Lost Emotions

There’s an instrumental to it, i wished I could of attached it to here though at some point you will hear it.
~Coming soon~

Another collaboration with                                                                                            RhymeRula (@Real Free -Flowing Words)


They say the eyes is the gateway to the soul/
But within those doors, you open up a thousand words/
And those thousand words, open up the mind to vivid eyes/
And those vivid eyes are opened wide to a sea of all lies/
And to see all the lies means to meditate and ease the easel of colors that help distort the mind/
Which clouds my mind, which clouds our judgment/
Distracts us from what real love is,/ If you subtract the “o” with an “I” then you live what love is,
Call it poetic justice

Verse 1:

They say if my eyes link back it could see through your soul,
To see through your soul leaves me in control,
If I’m in control it will leave you to roam,
If I leave you to Rome no need to be home,
I kick back give space just to leave you alone,
My feelings have grown, but you’ll never know,
late nights on phone while playing your song,
Play fights just right to say I am wrong,
Force replies to see if we’re getting along,
Loyalty is strong to see where we’re going,
I’m too blind to read through the norms,
When I see you in form I give you the dome,
Help unpack from 7 in the morn, love isn’t strong, where have you gone?
To fix risk right? just to say “what I’m on”
Unveiling the dawn where you should belong


A few different worlds, two different minds/
Surpassed some fears, and swallowed my pride/
As I swallow my pride still hollow inside,
Remember blind love is vague to the wise,
Vague to the wise, vague to the wise, vague to the wise
Within these lost emotions
Wondering where have you been gone? (hold note 3 secs into slight high note)
Your absence had me forget, where I’ve went wrong

Verse two:

In retrospect I can see your divine ,
see through the lies, see through disguise, long days long nights with and uneven reply,
uneven your mind, re-even your bind,
I lean back slow ease with the wind,
Make you remember the time, as I go in rewind,
That hue in your eyes, what you got to hide, as I open your thighs, climax open your mind, I read from behind ,and claim what is mine, wait! my love isn’t blind, smoke weed with my pride, round two too soon as I even your spine, you smoke one too as we sip on some wine, but….
The next day I see you online, in you I confide, still taking to guys?
I work too hard for you to see what’s inside, my tries to hard as I balance my cries, I know we live two different lives, as you hop on that plane while waving goodbyes

Chorus……(2 times)

A few different worlds, two different minds/
Surpassed some fears, and swallowed my pride/
As I swallow my pride still hollow inside,
Remember blind love is vague to the wise,
Vague to the wise, vague to the wise, vague to the wise,
Within these lost emotions
Wondering where have you been gone? (hold note 3 secs into slight high note)
Your absence had me forget, where I’ve went wrong

Third verse: RhymeRula (@Real Free -Flowing Words

I don’t ever want to be lost in a jungle of emotions,
But you being away has caused my conscious much commotion,
Why don’t you return, so you can experience all of my devotion that you claim I barely gave you?
You can look away but I’ll charge through your heart as fast as a locomotive,
No way for it to be lost,
Because all that emotion is circulating throughout your soul,
As it reaches,
Our next destination at unconditional love,
So watch it begin to unfold and blossom into a connection that can never become cold,
I’d say these emotions have found a home




Photo Source~ Google


Ghetto redemption, Some can’t maintain it because evils too tempting,

So many lies and deception adds to the depression,

At times I question, Whats my purpose in this circus?

Decomposing inside to keep together on the surface,

I search for a vaccine to cure this disease,

That make people work on their knees to earn treasuries,

They pleasure all these shapes, as long their pockets are built,

Their mate is no where to be found and their baby still cries for milk.

No guilt flows through the veins of those trying to maintain,

Neither through the tyrant, that his family inflicts pain,

Drains a bottle of jack into his system then it begins to hit them,

Until the day they rebel now who’s the victim?

I know its sickening, but this is what we live in,

Our differences causes decorations in yellow ribbons,

Some are forgiven, some rely on government,

I’m resilient but misery has a strong gravity,

It now pulls us down even as we speak, A bleak future for some for others shining bright,

Some live in longevity some dying tonight,

The flight in my aura helps me live tomorrow,

Even though we’re on the path like people of Saddam an Gomorrah,

Horror glorified children testified how they cried,

The day they were molested, and their innocence died,

I’ve tried to stay together in a world out of order,

But one day, it will be inherited by my son-or-daughter!



A Cruise in the rain

This is where you want to get away, just hop in car drive while the rain helps create clarity. Just imagine you alone with the wheel and the sound of the rain. While your mind drifts back while you cruise and that cruise cruises through relaxation and one with yourself.

Here is where i feel the movement of the rain,

This is the only place where I feel can keep me sane,

Turn the cruise control on and give my legs a rest,

Winding through turns, this is where I test the roads crests,

Back and forth, I sing to the rhythm of the windshield wipers,

Keep my hands grasped on the wheel, after all… I’m the driver

I come to escape from the world to ignore,

The rain pleases me, so when it does I pray it pours,

It washes my troubles away and give me ways to escape,

Teaches me how to love and rid me old ways of hate,

Consolidated and infatuated me and her are one,

Boston to Cambridge plus the many other journeys we’ve done,

She’s my universe that guides me and give me light,

With the help of the moon that illuminates the volume of the night,

I shift from 4th gear just to see what she’s got,

If she doesn’t have much then I’ll still give her props,

Just because I’m attached and I’ll never let her go,

I’ll never forget the memories of me and her on the road,

The stick shift molded on my fists is my personal bliss,

The lights do their job when I’m driving through this mist,

Dismissed from Reality consumed by the stars,

There’s no doubt in mind that man’s best friend is his car.



A nationwide calamity needing liberation.

2nd posted collaboration with RhymeRula @Real Free -Flowing Words

Verse 1: RhymeRula (@Real Free -Flowing Words)

As I sit back feeding energy to this pen

A silent roar helps release the beast from its den

My mind is reluctant to tame the anger that’s roaring from within

so for now I’m going to let it be,

Liberation is the mission to allow not only me

but my people from continuing to be placed six feet deep from centuries of brutality,

Fists raised as an assembly occurs for a change

while faces like mine keep returning to locked cells

with a harsh sentence for non – violent drug offenses

chasing that elusive crown to rule corners

Eventually becoming victims of the game

Concrete pavements stained with split blood and names of the “prey”

A reoccurring cycle built into a maze for the “predators” to hunt and walk away,

Mollifying the anguish and grief by compensating the pouring tears

so the attention on them can quickly retreat,

Nightmares of the slain appear constantly throughout nights

so it’s hard to sleep when you know they have you defeated

The caged bird has been singing the same song for centuries

eventually finding it exhausting to develop a plan to fly away

and find true freedom,

Doing it’s best to persevere throughout all the chained limits

On course to finding an army to help rejuvenate all the tired wings with endless unification

Who have enough energy to fly away

Towards a goal of relinquishing

the subjection and hold of the oppressors,

but with every needle in a haystack you’ll find a group of ignorant coons!

(You heard that right)

who’ll make their presence known

with statements that would make you think

that Amerikkka has them under a mind control

as they continue to build a new slavery in prisons as a new home,

If only we could dream of a governing a new nation of our own

and perceive liberation as a not an illusion but a foregone conclusion

Changing the flag into red, black, and green

gathering the largest team, the country has ever seen

So the revolution has got to be televised as I turn around and ask

my brother to pass me the remote so I can turn up the volume and analyze

The ending of a nationwide calamity

Verse 2: Patrick (@mycreativepatience)

Nationwide calamity

All this insanity is maddening

Keep your hands up high because one wrong move

and your life could be out of luck,

Friends can turn into enemies within a span of minutes

So in this moment my pen is only thing I can trust

My minds abroad so I’m swimming within the leak of this pen,

I can’t stand the attendance of governmental decisions,

Why society is split in many divisions?

Why politicians focus on what’s the vintage?

when they should be focused on fixing the society that we live in,

Why so many hungry men, women, and children,

The higher classes need to stop ridiculous economical spending,

Its reality! look at the statistics this cold world we’re existing in,

Did I forget to mention that we’re “fishes” in this ocean of “sharks”

Some pessimists needs to be beaten senseless,

lower down the gate so they can come to their common senses,

Let’s help create a society that helps unify human existence,

One party stands up the other gets defensive,

Obama warned us all and Trump doesn’t listen,

His pestilence spreads out far it goes against out wishes,

We are the cure and his minions does his dishes,

Let me finish!

We wage wars and fights because of a little business,

The damage it causes is ignorance within the difference,

With Karma involved we get it but couldn’t listen,

Bad intentions with good ones goes beyond the distance,

Talk about setting a example for next generation of children,

We create the evil in money since we can’t tame our inner demons,

This is feelings!

Let’s rise and co exist together so we can help make our world a little better

There’s too many lying

A list of the most wanted are still in hiding

Mourning for the unarmed lives that keep dying because they weren’t complying

Get high so we can ease the times, socialize, and replay our actions the next day

My pen is the angriest it’s ever been as I leave you with this message

with no return to sender if offended

as I stare at my watch that stopped ticking patiently waiting and wishing for the suffering to end


Photo credit – John Hain

A Sauté memory of a Tragedy


I blend with poets who deliver flows

from life giving river of sustenant prose..Hopes revealer reflecting light through death mirrors,

Picture the vastness as time passes to it castrophic climaxes,

Where hells passage is stacked until its packed with blasphemous sins from the masses,

Casted and left to their share in the desire paths of the barren,

As planets aligned freezing time releasing wraths from the heavens,

Reverends placing faith statements steeped in deep miscalculations,

While the United States sins is hidden beneath Bin Ladden retaliations,

Separated nations flagrantly chasing until placed complacent,

As pagans with no inclination of the hell they’ll be facing,

Atheist who’s reject faith and bait those too far gone to resist,

Until they submit as mind slaves of scientists,

As a time when our minds descend to an ending that’s beyond the grasp of scary,

Wicked men still bury cardinal sins in” Hail Marys”,

The stroke of my pen may vary but I left nothing but dead ringers,

On those who refuse to embrace the light while it lingers,

So as my life accelerates its spin to velocities of catastrophic whirlwinds my ellipsis,

Switches to fucking thus existence,

We realize the grains gripped in deceits fists as salt,

Pitched to our dish but did we bulk? Hell no we sautéd in the assault,

Lost but caught,

In sinister shares that bears of ignorance who stunted their vigilance by getting lifted so

our only mission is to throw our hood up,

We running bare nuts full thrust while swilling saults,

From a cynics cup leaving us caught in seductions clutch as our mother earth erupts.